My attempt at food blogging

One of my goals this weekend was to do a step by step food blog post, like all of my fav foodie blogs do, catching all of those lovely cooking instructions with equally lovely photos. Let's just say I fell extremely short of my goal.

Trying to take photographs for each step was a total and annoying disaster. I really disliked stopping to set everything up for a picture, especially since I cook fast and messy. I always pull a recipe and think how great it'll be to take the time and enjoy the baking process, then I find myself getting bothered and just blow through it all as quick as possible. This recipe was no different - and no matter how much I slowed down and I set it all up, the pictures just didn't look right.

Speaking of pictures, most of them did not turn out very well, no matter how hard I gussied them up with my cool retro overlays or vintage tints, which usually do the trick :-( I'll stick with posting a pic of the final product and leave the food blogging to the real food bloggers.