Gettin' some at the Globes!

Ahhhhh, the Golden Globes.....a barrage of fashion for the evening. Made myself a large cup-o-hot buttered rum and posted up on the couch to check out the fierceness walking the red carpet. Here are my high and low lights:

Emma Stone - Loved the colors and an eagle belt?! Get outta town! It was def hip and edgy. The hipsters on Capitol Hill had to have dug that!
Claire Danes - OMG, hello back! I loved the black and white detail. She got my chic vote! On a side note - what was up with 'mature' women rocking backless dresses? If you're over 40, let's keep those backs covered up, eh?
Reece Witherspoon - Not pushing the fashion edge but she was my favorite from head to toe! That hair, the fit of her dress....she did herself good. Real good.
Angela Jolie - I loved it all then you looked at her feet and she was rockin' white shoes, WTF! Red shoes, black shoes....anything would have been better than white bridal shoes. Come on lady!
Zoey Dechanel - Ummm, whoever did her hair should be fired. Those weird long side burny things. Ick. Her dress was hyped up and a huge disapointment too.
Charlize Theron - Been there, done that lady. I've seen her in this look SO many times. Pretty but snooze.