Ch Ch Ch Changes.

Lots of changes happening around here......just accepted a new position as the Director of Special Events at a non-profit in Seattle. Sad to leave the winery after 5 years, but I'm ready for a change and new challenges! With that change comes a whole lot of crazy - new phone, new commute, new colleagues to meet....the list goes on and on. Then you throw in the upcoming holidays and you've got some serious madness in the works. Trying not to freak out too much as I stare at my mile long to do list for this weekend.

Was a bit overzealous before Thanksgiving and actually had our faux tree up prior to the kick off of the holiday season. I also went crazy on ebay, buying up vintage ornaments. Hella obsessed. Hella. Still hoping to add an actual stump base (found some "pinspiration" the other day....) we'll see if I get that far. Hoping to finish the decorating this weekend AND put up the outside lights. Lovin' on the iphone camera and all of the options they give you. Still trying to figure out what works best/looks good, but here's my first attempt (holiday tree above.)