All that glitters!

Goodwill Glitter Sale finds

1,000th in line did not seem very promising as we walked further and further away from the downtown Seattle Goodwill to reach the end of the line. It happened to be the annual Glitter Sale, only held once per year at their Dearborn store. Employees hoard away all that glitters throughout the year - designer shoes, jewelry, purses, accessories and dresses - then put them up for sale for one weekend in November. All proceeds generated benefit their job training program. Word on the street was that more than 3,700 people showed up the first day!

After waiting 3 hours in line, we finally got into the sale and it was beyond amazing - almost too amazing. Too many beautiful, sparkly things to look at! My main focus was on jewelry, but they had a lottery system that didn't move as fast as we'd like. We eventually got assistance from their volunteers and I ended up with a few pairs of earrings. It was super crowded, super hot and super overwhelming. I could have probably snagged more but looking at case after case of sparkly baubles made them all blend together!

My calendar is already marked for next year's sale - I can't wait! We already have our plan in place. Having 3 hours of wait time gave us plenty of time to think it through. Let's just say it involves a van, hand warmers and lots of patience!