Whoopin' it up at WWU

Me in front of my department's building - nice and small.
Adam in front of our new department's building - they built this baby a year after I graduated - go figure.

Spent our five year anniversary back where it all began, Bellingham, Wash. We booked a romantic night at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa. OMG - the best room I've ever stayed in! Huge comfy beds, large bathtubs and views to die for with these great window seats. The whole place smelled like a spa! Unfortunately, we didn't partake in the spa activities as we were too busy driving around town looking at our old houses and hangouts. Lunch at Boundary Bay, dinner at The Pepper Sisters then lunch the next day at the Colophon Cafe in old Fairhaven. Sigh. So delightful.

We also walked around the college campus - man, nothing makes you feel older than that! They've added a few new buildings and remodels some dorms too. It felt much smaller than I remember. Good times though, really good times.