River Recreation

Wish I had a better picture to show you besides this totally awesome wet suit shot! River rafting isn't exactly condusive to photo taking. Cashed in our Groupon for a belated Father's Day present on the Tieton River, north of Yakima. It only runs 4 weeks out of the year in September when they release water out of Rimrock Lake. Liz, Dad and I drove out at 6am to meet up with the 60+ other peeps on the trip. Jesus, what an outfit they run up there! Two huge buses of peeps and tons of rafts. It was pretty organized for that much chaos!

This was my first time on a guided trip and it was pretty fun - rapids were mostly level 3 with a few level 4s thrown in. Nobody fell out though I was secretly hoping for a boat flip for the excitement. I could easily have done a level 5 - heard the Skykomish was pretty killer in the springtime. Made a mental note of that :-)