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The BF and his group took home more awards (Best Twitter and Wild Card) this week - check 'em out below!

FROM THE SEATTLE WEEKLY: The boys behind Sonicsgate.‚Äč*Wild Card*: The wild card category was completely open to any and every thing you love, and you chose...Sonicsgate. The Sonics may be long gone, but these guys will make sure you never forget the travesty that was their move to Oklahoma; and their passion makes everyone want to fight to bring our Sonics back. Not only did these guys get an award, they also get a years supply of Popchips - no doubt this will help them through all those NBA games they'll be watching on TV, not at the Key.
And, as always, thanks to you for recommending so many amazing web sites, blogs, apps and communities. There's no shortage of incredible out there - we only wish we could bestow an honor upon each and every deserving one.