Coupons a callin'

Started calling around to some of my favorite brands to get coupons from them. Seems like the stuff I prefer to buy never has them. Called up WestSoy and within 30 seconds, I had their coupons coming my way! I love their unsweeted vanilla soy milk - use it every day in my Earl Grey tea. Speaking of tea, signed up for the Bigelow Tea email group and will be getting coupons through them as well.

Figure $3 for tea and $3 for soy milk (even less with those coupons!) works out to .30 per cup! Suck on that Starbucks.

Also, just bought a 6 month subscription to The Seattle Times using this deal:

Forgot to buy the paper last Sunday and missed out on the Albertson's double coupons. Doh. That's not going to happen again! Works out to $1.58 an issue, which def works for me!