Takin' it old school......

Yes, my friends...these are the legendary conecakes. Once brought to elementary school birthday celebrations for yours truly - I asked my mom to re-create these fabulous treats for my 29th birthday. And no, I won't leave you hanging - recipe follows.

Sugiura Family Conecakes

1 box of your favorite cake mix - mixed to the directions on the package
16-20 ice cream cones
Homemade frosting (I love Betty Crocker's butter cream frosting)
Sprinkles and other toppings

-Prepare cake mix according to directions on the package
-Set up cones in a pyrex glass baking dish
-Fill cones up with batter, approximately 2/3 full
-Bake cones according to directions on cake mix package
-Cool. Make frosting. Frost. Top with sprinkles. Eat.