Sugiura Shelvin'

Before: A blank wall with no love.

After: A wall with a ton-o-love!
Finally got my dad over to the condo to install my last set of shelves - I swear - these will be the last ones! We planned on doing a "Sugiura Shelving 101 Class" but found out these installed very differently than the other two sets I've got in the house. Oh well.
I'm obsessed with these ones - Home Depot carries all sorts of lengths and colors! I love how you can put whatever you want on there to create tons of different looks without putting 50 holes in the walls for pictures. Currently, I've got the orchid/art photo/Webby Award look going on (promised the BF I would move his award out into the main room when the shelves went up!) Can't wait to find more fun knick-knacks to put on them!