Deals of the Week!

Still trying to get a grasp on this coupon's far more time consuming than I had ever imagined! I'm not getting those $3 grocery bills like the experts do, but I am saving anywhere from $5-$15 off each of my bills. Every little bit helps. I seem to have had the best luck at RiteAid - a place I had never really shopped at before - go figure. Got hair gel there the other week for free!

Here are a few of my deals of the week that I'll be heading out for:

*Buy 10 selected items and get $5 off your bill - when I calculated this out for the items I chose, it worked out to be $1.06 for each item - nice!

*They also had a few buy 1, get 1 free meat items (chicken and chuck roast) which I always love since we seem to blow through meat pretty quickly. Albertson's has this deal too on a ton of meat.
*Classico Pasta Sauce - buy 1, get 1 free plus I've got a manufacturer's coupon for $1 off 2 products so you're looking at $2.39 for both or $1.19 each! Love it.

I'm also loving the online shopping list for these grocery stores. You can browse through the weekly ads and compile a printable list. Add a few of your notes ie. manufacturer's coupons and you're good to go!