Part 1: Panama City

Photo: Panama City Skyline.

Photo: Adam and I enjoying our first day in the city.

Photo: The infamous banana pancakes....harder to make than it looks.

Photo: The streets of historic Panama.

Photo: Outside the hostel bathroom window.....

Photo: Outside the hostel.

Photo: A thunder storm rolls through the city.

We made it back alive. I really can't believe it. Ten days traveling all over the country of Panama. It definitely was more along the lines of a backpacking adventure vs. a vacation. I'll take the beaches of Mexico next time around - just sayin' - though what we did and saw was pretty amazing! These pictures are from the two days we had in Panama City.

We stayed at Aaron and Laura's hostel, Luna's Castle, where they'd been running the show for the past year. It was my first hostel experience and it definitely took some getting used to, though I think I could live off of those banana pancakes for the rest of my life!

It's in the historic part of the city and the neighborhood was fascinating. You had slums, next to mansions all crammed into these small streets. The president of Panama lives down the street too so you had armed guards at every corner - kinda reassuring, kind of not at the same time. The architecure was breathtaking. Then you look across the bay to endless partially built skyscrapers. Seriously, every one has a crane on top. Obviously, the economy has been hit hard down there too.

Spent a lot of time eating, drinking and visiting. It rained a lot too (but was extremely humid), which put a bit of a damper on our sight seeing. I would have liked to see more, but was very glad to head to the beach. Weather like that without a pool, lake or ocean is absolutely no fun.