Block Parties and Bridal Showers

Just finished off a weekend of craziness with the Captiol Hill Block Party Friday and Saturday nights and Penny's Bridal Shower on Sunday afternoon. After working 20 days straight, I was ready to let loose - could have used a few days worth of sleep prior to hittin' the streets of Capitol Hill, but what can you do? Saw MGMT, Atmosphere, Holy Fuck and Champange, Champange.....drank, danced, rocked the onesie.....good times, though I wish I could have sat down a bit. Man, I'm getting old. The Sonicsgate guys were out in full force and networked the beer garden shamelessly.

Then it was time to switch gears for the bridal shower. Hosted 20 or so of Penny's close friends and family for a risque bridal shower. The girl walked away with an entire new intimate wardrobe - so jealous! The wedding festivities are really starting to kick into gear! Can't wait!