Vacation Wrap Up

Photo: Thanks to my work peeps for getting me through my first day back at work with a tropical drink courtsey of Cabana Boy Scott!

I'm home and it's cold. Breezed through customs.....slept on the flights......didn't lose any luggage.....all and all a long, but uneventful trek back. Still gettting used to the tan, but I'm sure that will fade in no time. Thank god for Aaron and Laura's Panama wedding in October!

Photo: Liz and I on the booze cruise.

Photo: Mom and I on the booze cruise.

Photo: Liz holding a real, live lion club. A total tourist scam, but pretty darn cute.

Photo: A delicious treat Liz found among the Romaine lettuce. I did not eat a salad for the rest of the trip.

Photo: Takin' a dip.

Photo: My dad swimming outside the timeshare. Not exactly safe, but whatever.

Photo: The beach outside our timeshare.