Here Fishy

Starting to get into the swing of vacation finally. I think it takes a few days to really unwind yourself from everything. Let's see.....less than a week left - time does fly. At this time next week, I'll be boarding a flight from LAX back to Seattle. Heard the weather up there has been nice, go figure.

Finally am getting this sun tanning thing figured out too. Spent the morning poolside then went into town midday to shop and get out of the heat. Did a bunch of browsing, but didn't get much. Saw some things I liked though. This pesos to dollar conversion messes me up. I attempted to buy some pottery I liked, but it ended up being $75 US. No thanks. I'm sure we'll go back at the end of the trip or head to Cabo where I've heard they've got a ton more shops. Shopping kept us out of the sun while it was at its hottest so we could enjoy a leisurely jaunt back to the pool late afternoon. Now that's how you suntan in Mexico!

Photo: My one and only purchase of the day, a purple fish.

Photo: Liz and I getting ready to shop.

Photo: Family.