'Bout Time

Oh man, I just attended my first flat track roller derby over the weekend and I'm totally hooked! We saw the infamous Rat City Roller Girls on Saturday night at Key Arena, where we helped set the record for the National Roller Derby Attendance (go us!). We got there a bit late, but quickly found some seats and some $9 beers. Ridiculous, right?

We finally figured out how things worked after the first 'bout and really got into the game. Being the gambler than I am, I couldn't resist a little betting action with my gal pal Megan and took the Sockit Wenches for the win of the second 'bout. And yes, I pick my roller teams just like I do my ponies, by their names, and their names only.

Those ladies took some serious hip and shoulder checks and a few could barely peel themselves off the track. This was serious stuff. My team started to fall apart during the second half and were soon behind more than 40 points. My endless profanities and cheering could not help the bruised and battered team, and sadly, they lost and my dear friend Megan gained a new pair of Cole Haan sunglasses.

Photo: Megan and I taking in the action.